Number Nerds

Did you know that 67 countries has competed in freediving and that there is a guy from Afghanistan that can dive to 75 meters.

And that there has been done 21.943 dives within Aida, the most spectacular being Mifsud 11.35 breath hold, Molchanovs 250 with monofin in pool and Nitsch 123 depth with monofin. And of all these dives 1.1% has been blackouts and the best country when it comes to getting white cards for approved dives is Switzerland with an accuracy of 96%. When it comes to Blacking out the Czecks are worst with 2.8% followed by the Swedes that has had a total of 22. Aida has seen 230 BO´s in comps.

The most competitive country is France having done 2290 dives, with a big gap down to the followers. Among the top ten countries Denmark has the best average when it comes to points, with 55 points, followed by the Swedish with 54 points. The best attendance to World Championships goes to Japan with 155 divers (France 153). Sweden has made it to 15 WC finals closely followed by France with 14 (New Zealand 11). When it comes to being disqualified the Czechs are in the lead with 7.2% followed by the British (6.6%), if this comes from being bold or just lacking skill, the statistics does not say. Russia has taken the most world records (33) followed by Austria (17).

But some of this may be old data and I may have misinterpreted some. Because there is such a huge gathering of data on freediving on the site that one could surf around for a full day. The man behind the site, Ivo Truxa has been able to log nearly every result from nearly all agencies including CMAS and french FEESSM. The most complete ranking machine in competetive freediving. This site clearly represents one work of wonder in the freediving world.