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What we have been waiting for.

On the 1st of june (2007) Sebastian Murat (sub7seas) will host a specatacular competition on Ibiza.

- One competition based on new rules - no suit, no equipment (only nose-plug). Man and ocean, as deep as you can unassisted. Not even a diveline. There will be a retrieval system based on a thin "fishline" (DRUM).

- Another regular CNF Aida ranking competition where you can use equipment.
Deepest divers are awarded US$1500.

- At the same time Murat will offer some of his famous "dive respons clinics".

In the first competition there is big pot of prize money that anyone can win - you just have to predict your on divedepth (RP has to be close to AP). 1st place: US$ 2,000. 2nd place:US$ 1,000. 3rd place:US$ 500.

At last the freediving community can offer something that makes sense in media. Athletes not hiding behind equipment. Water and skin, faces and expressions. This is one discipline that in no doubt will grow to the defining discipline of freediving. Chances are that EUROSPORT will air it.

Sebastien Murat calls it "the real thing". And of course this is his way of challenging the rest of us. This is the way he has been diving over the years and now he wants to know what we are made of.

Sebastien Murat says: "freediving doesn't sell because its inpersonal. Divers with all their gear may feel good, sexy or like a hero on the inside, but that's not how the audience seems them, especially if they were a hood and any facial equipment. That only makes them like non/persons. We can't sell that to the media. Mayol did well because you could 'see' him, you had empathy for him because his exposed face expressed emotion, apart from being one of the firsts. That's what I believe gets the media interested."

Question is - does it make you interested. 

Left top: The bay is marked with a red dot. South of the point where WC 2001 was held

Left down: a small nice beach to hang out on while not compeeting

Om vi blir tillräckligt nånga svenskar/skandinavier kan FSE ordna ett gemensamt boende och kanske rabatt för de som vill gå en murat kurs innan. maila: info @