Nordic performance freediving
(Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Aland)

An overlook on the nordic freedivers and their performances.

Scandinavia is as you might have heard or noticed not the obvious place for freediving. Waters are cold and often dark. In places were waters are clear it is mostly during the most freezing part of the year in the most freezing places, like far up the norwegian coast or a in a lake north of the arctic circle. Yet we dive - and just have to accept not seeing the line after about 30 meters or so. Scandinavia also lacks a strong tradition of gathering seafood while swimming around in the water.
Most scandinavian records will in the future no doubt be set abroad in warmer waters. This because of the advantage of clear visibilty and warm water (and the fact that it is not that easy to find deep water in Scandinavia as mans plunge into the depths become bolder and bolder).

Numbers on this page are taken from results in competitions (national/international) and records approved by the national freediving organization in each country.

The best male performances in scandinavian waters
Category Result Name Date
CWT 65 Per Westin 2006
CNF 51 Sebastian Näslund 2005
FIM 72 Johan Dahlstrom 2007
NLT 65 Erik Milles 2000
VWT 58 Bill Strömberg 2000
ICE CWT 45 Kike 2005
The best female performances in scandinavian waters
Category Result Name Date/place
CWT 52 Annelie Pompe 2006
CNF 33 Maria Livjberg 2007
FIM 45 Elizabeth Kristoffersen/Klara Hansson 2006
Scandinavian results in the team world championships
Worldcup/Country Finland men Sweden men Norway men Denmark men
Villefranche 1996 - - - -
Sardinia 1998 - 5th
Red sea 1999 - 10th
Nice 2000 - 5th
Belgium 2000 - 4th
Ibiza 2001 22nd 3rd 24th 15th
Hawaii 2002 - 2nd (mixed team) - 11th
Vancouver 2004 - - - -
Egypt 2006 6th 5th 18th(mixed two) 1st
Worldcup/Country Finland women Sweden women Norway women Denmark women
Ibiza 2001 7th - - 10th
Hawaii 2002 - 2nd (mixed team) - -
Vancouver 2004 - - - -
Egypt 2006 7th 2nd 18th (mixed, two) 12th
Best nordic freediver
Stig Avall Severinsen, without doubt. Former holder of two world records. First his outstanding 166 meters without fins in a pool. Leaving the rest behind. And his former "without fins" to 61 meters of depth jointly with Carlos Coste. He did 212 meters in the lausanne WC (winner). He has also been working hard on breaking the static world record - but since Tom Sietas appeared on the scene I think it is not very likely. Stigs homepage:

Other candidates are:
- Timo Kinnunen from Finland has slowly developed to an allround freediver with his most impressive performances in breatholding.
- Danish Peter Pedersen has since he started performing in Constant become a contestent for the title.
- Swedish Johan Dahlstrom collects alot of points in all categories. Specially in CWT where he has 84 meter.
- Mathias Lanner from Sweden is the second deepest nordic diver but has never done really well in static.
- Per Westin collects a lot of point in all classic disciplines
- Lotta Ericson, Sweden doing well overall in all disciplines.
- Yamina Enedahl Mekki, with a former worldrecord in dynamic without fins.

There has been 5 nordic worldrecords
Stig A.S (166 DNF), Peter P (200 DYN), Stig A.S (61 CNF), Yamina.E.M (96 DNF), Lotta.E (STA 6.31), Stig A.S (186 DNF), Stig A.S (225 DYN)

Stig with his 160 meter record without fins in a pool. Lanner at Ibiza. Bill in Cuprys (after freediving).Diving in swedens clearest lake.

Simen Sorensen - Norway, Milla Saarinen - Finland