The incredible breathhold extension auxilary balloon
- No contractions guaranteed

Hold your breath 10-20% longer! No training needed.

Construct a mouthpiece and an attached ballon. Make sure the ballon can hold 2-3 litres of air (without getting pressurized). At the start of breathhold breath out down to FRC and keep the air there to use later in the breathhold.

- You can pack slightly more air and let it out and minimize risk of PBO.
- You can hold your breath more relaxed without feeling stuffed.
- Your pulse will be lower on an FRC breathhold.
- The DR will set in earlier.
- You avoid some contractions, not spending energy on contractions.
- You will have more willpower left for fighting in the end.
- You use all oxygen fully since you mix air around in the lung.

- Breath in pack fully.
- Start breathhold – release air into the balloon down to FRC.
- After the first few contractions has started breath in all the air in the balloon. Contractions goes away.
- After the second set of contractions start – breath slowly in and out of the ballon for some 30 seconds or longer - the contractions will go away when you breath in the balloon.
- Breath in everything and spit out the balloon and start fighting. At this point you will probably be further ahead than usually.