Sebastians texts regarding Aida. Rules, competition, safety, media e t c

Competition set-up 2009

Aida and the judge experience 2009

Aida and media 2006 - how should Aida claim the attention of media?

Aida and the audience 2007 - how to make the rules more clear.

Aida and doping 2005

Precision of rules 2007 - the story of the SP and how rules are made

Quality of judging 2007

How to handle BO 2008 - how should the laryngospasm be handled

How to handle BO 2005 - discussions after a deep BO

Story about blackouts 2005

Dangers of No-limit 2006

Safetystandards at competitions, anti ballast, demands on medics 2007

Educate safety freedivers 2007

General safety when freediving 2004

Lanyards 2006

By: Sebastian Naslund (Aidasweden member).