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, CWT 25 or CNF 20. STA 3 minutes.
Be able to endure 1 minutes of breathingreflexes.

If you have a pulsemeter - bring it.

1 - day breakpoint-special beyond aida levels.
This day is about you and your body. It will be very practical with lots of exercises. It focuses on issues such as: dive response, preparation, relaxation, awareness, diet, squeeze, equalization and attitude.

At around 30-35 meter a freediver will experience new challenges. New equalization methods are needed, risk of squeeze is increased, consequences of failure are larger, mental stress builds up.

This one day course will focus on mostly land training techniques that will prepare you for greater depths. How to solve the three challenges of equalization, oxygen consumption and risk of squeeze.

- Experiments with hypoxi and hypocapnia and lactic acid.
- Simulation of depth.
Heartrate, temperature and metabolism test
- Dive respons triggering methods. Breath-ups, equipment, warm-up dives.
Experimental dive exercises with different lung volumes.
- Exercises of awareness (without awareness relaxation is not possible). The power of habits.
- Frenzel and mouthfill exercises.
- Neti nosecleansing and lungvolume measure (spirometri).
- Yogastretches preparing you for depth.
- Discussions regarding diet and vitamins and certain foodsuplements effect on freediving.
- Discussions - Training methods (cardio and muscle)

Philosophy behind my clinics:
Its all about identifying the factors that will make you reach your limit in one deep or long dive. I am not an athletic person, I have not a history of putting time into either muscular or cardiovascular training. I have spent more time finding the small details of technique, diet and warm-up proceedures. Someone with better physics (and bigger lungs) than me should be able to use my techniques and go deeper than me.
I also stress that there is not one way to improve - there are several ways. Sometimes it is a question of personal taste. I will deliver a lot of options to chose from. You yourself will have to make yourself a better freediver.
The results from the test may lead you to certain conclusions regarding preparation and diving approach. The purpose of the tests are not only the results, but the actual understanding that may come from doing the test/exercise. See every tests as an exercise in awareness and body control.

Since this course has no certification or fixed scheme I focus on evaluating individual needs. Freediving is so much more complicated than scuba diving and there are still parts of a freediving perfomance based on intuition. Following a manual based on standards and levels can be limiting.

I ask only one question: what stops you from going deeper/further?

Two tools

I have exceeded all my expectations on my body (claiming several national records and a 5th place in a world championship). The results are thanks to two significant factors: practicing yoga and using the dive respone. The mechanisms of a real dive response I have found out by working with Sebastian Murat during a clinic. In order to prove the signifance of the dive respons to myself I did a 100 meter no fins pool dive during the world championships. With no warm-up and no ventilation and no suit I spent the first 30 seconds of the dive breatholding without moving in order to let the dive response kick in. This was an eye opener for me.

Yoga gives us a holistic view on our bodies. You have to dive with all parts of your body. Yoga teaches us lung stretching, muscle warm-up, calming and oxygenating breathing techniques, but most of all - training in focus and awareness. I have picked some 20 asanas and some of the pranayama and dharana techniques, that I find suitable for freediving.

If you are happy and healthy - you will also be a better freediver.

I work with Annelie Pompe, a PT with an expertise in cardiovascular and muscular training aswell as specialized knowledge about nutrition.

She developed from a 20 meter diver to 50 meters in just 3 months (to 80 in less than 2 years).
She is a dive master that has won competitions in fitness, climbing and mountainbike.
She has won two silvermedals in freediving world championships.