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Nordic Deep,

BLOODSHIFT version 2.0
- an approach to expert freediving.

In this inspirational 64-paged booklet the passionate freediver will find useful attitudes, needed facts, provocative questions, rewarding exercises, interesting tests, and suggestions on how to train.
It deals with: motivation, performance, confidence, goal setting, discipline, relaxation, awareness, mind control, flow, visualization, affirmations. It can be a powerful tool for a coach.
It is aimed at freedivers having done many dives to 40 and 50 meters, beyond Apnea Academy and Aida levels. It deals mainly with very deep freediving ”below” RV and beyond valsalva.
The ambition of this manual is not only to inspire, but empower you to draw your own conclusions. Awake a certain attitude, and training will change by itself and results will follow.
This guide includes an essential glossary on advanced freediving terms.

Author: Sebastian Naslund
Photos: Annelie Pompe
Pages: 64 - stapled. Color photos.
Price: 10 euro (incl. freight)

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 ...because I have learnt how to fly - taking off downwards - moving in three dimensions -freefalling into the silence, the comfort of being   held - far away from the worries on the surface... That´s why.

This miniature manual aknowledges the fact that if you are not inspired and motivated into a state of discpline,  you will not develop - so it tries to inspire you.
It deals mainly with the mental aspects of freediving,  but since mind and body are interlinked it has many hands on excercises that will involve, not only your body and mind, but your personality aswell.
It assumes that your are in it for the lifestyle, and if you are not, the text tries to give you the tools that are needed to make freediving a way of living, on land as in water.

It is not a leader, it is more of a companion. Taking into consideration that you are unique.
It has been called anything from "a freedivers grocery list" to the "I Ching of freediving".
In parts poetic, not at all exhaustive
. It forces you to think, and if you are on the right track, the text will make sense.
It is in a sense a leap of faith. If anything else it will show where you lack understanding and skill. Where you need to improve, your weakest link.

There are some suggested breathhold tests with set standards. The idea is that if you do them, you will be able to compare with others (through the website or at courses). But nevertheless you always have the opportunity to compare the same tests with yourself, varying factors such as warm up, breath up, diet. e t c
And on a final note, it is not the wisdom of the writer that is displayed,  the knowledge delivered is from the pioneers in freediving. The ones that has shown us the way.

And if all this is true, 10 euro is a bargain :-)