F.Biz is a losely joint group of very bizzy people from different nations who enjoy organizing and taking part in freediving events. We have an interest in developing freediving and trying new ideas in education and competition and recreation events. Looking for a holistic approach. Many of us are educators, some under water filmers or photographers, many of us hold national records, some are medical doctors, others students.
We work with DAN, Aida, Apnea Academy and whoever supports advanced freediving. We have had good help of Waterway fins, Eliosub suits, Suunto watches, Mares pure instinc and Great Earth nutrition.

One of our goals is to make ever cheaper events for our returning members, as shown in the events: Nordic Deep and Bizzy Blue hole. Members are defined as any one taking part in the events and returning a second time. So far we have had activities in the following places: The Acores, Thailand, South Africa, Mozambique, Sweden, Eritrea, Egypt. We have worked for events in Hawaii, Slovenia, Venezuela, Spain.

We are known for being the first with an: All discipline competition, and a comparable pointsystem. We were early to adopt "multiple choice competitions". We developed "less rules more fun competitions": Team static, Magic 3, Suunto-guess-your-depth, RelayDepthFreedive and the UFC - noseclip only. We were the first competition to use "depth sounder surveillance", suggest safety freediver education and DCS-regulations. We used anti ballast safety system as early as 2003.

BIZZY Freedive instructors
A group of professional freediving instructors following the highest standards of safety and up to date methods for taking their students to their limits. Over 350 students since 2004. Studentmanual and certification. Insured instructors.
Our instructors: Have at least 2 years of teaching experience. Can dive to at least 50 meters. Are holders of national records or have been elite level competitors. Has a holistic approach to freediving. Use different styles and specializations like: body awareness, yoga, training physiology, uw-photo, spearfishing, marine life, marine mamals, performance freediving, pool, depth e t c. Our instructors also work with Apnea Academy, AIDA, IANT, PADI, DAN.

More knowledge - less talk. Less rules - more fun

info @ freediving.biz