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Some people that discovers freediving, feels that they have "found a home" within themselves. Something they have been looking for all their lifes. A belonging, an occupation where they feel naturally motivated. To be under water makes sense: the silence, directing your attention towards feelings inside. The pressure, defining your boundries in many aspects. The fading light challenging you. Abandoning life as we know it - down down. Blue, Green, Grey, Black.
You dive free - freedive. Freedom yes, but still a clear limitation. We survive for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen - still we seek this gap between two breaths. Apnea - to stop breathing, making do with what you have - operate within a defined limit, stretching your ability to the outmost. Asking extreme things from your body, but yet, physical, but it is mostly a mind game. Presence. Relaxation, Awareness. Judgement.
How can you not like water when there are so much of it, everywhere. A last wilderness, everchanging. A natural experience with a touch of adventure, sometimes even a fear that just has to be challenged. And in the face of stress finding out who we really are.
When you ask of your body to stop breathing for longer and longer times, you are forced to take certain steps. Steps toward health, towards discipline, towards mental control.
We are what we think, and we are what we eat - these two define what we can do with these bodies. These material incarnations of energy in our custody for some gasping breaths of life in an ever expanding universe. Another breath, another breath - make them last.